5 TIPS for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

My husband and I attended Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in September... and had a blast!  I had heard from fellow Disney Brides that the Halloween party is THE party to attend at Disney World - even better than the Christmas party. And since I never turn down an opportunity to wear a Disney costume, we just HAD to go...


I wanted to share a few thoughts about MNSSHP for those who are interested in attending in the future!

Here are my 5 tips for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party:

1) Costumes: Be sure to have awesome costumes! We saw A LOT of Tinker Bell, Wendy, and Ariel costumes (which were lovely), but we really LOVED how creative people were with their costumes, so enjoy thinking outside the box!  Is there a Disney character you've always wanted to be?  Do you own a dress that reminds you of your favorite Disney princess? This is YOUR TIME to be imaginative and truly live out a childhood dream!

Being that I'm a total Disney Fairy nerd, I have always wanted a pair of wings of my own.  My husband and I dressed as Fawn and the Neverbeast from the movie Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast.  My mom helped me turn an orange bathing suit into her top.  We tore apart the children's Fawn costume and resewed the skirt to fit me.  I found cheap boots and glued twine around them.  It was fun putting together our costumes, and they were a huge hit!

I wish we arrived at Magic Kingdom a little earlier so we could spend more time running around in our costumes!!  By the time we got there, it was too dark to fully enjoy/appreciate other guests' costumes. So that's definitely something to think about - getting to the party early!

TIP: Be sure to get pictures of you in your costumes early on when you aren't sweaty and your hair isn't a mess. It will most likely be hot and humid, especially since the parties are crowded. (You'll thank yourself later). 


2) Trick-or-treating:MY FAVORITE PART.  I was expecting the cast members to shoo away adults during the trick-or-treating part, but thankfully that wasn't the case at all. Children AND adults were welcome to run around the park and collect candy.

Disney hands out the GOOD candy - not the cheap kind or that terrible stuff you find in a dainty glass bowl at your grandma's house.  This was the jackpot of all candy.  Cast members handed out bags for guests to collect all the goodies. The bags were kind of small, so if you are feeling ambitious - be sure to bring your own bag.

TIP: Go trick-or-treating at the less popular attractions such as the Tiki Room. It was less crowded and therefore cast members were more generous with candy.

3) Characters: MNSSHP is a perfect time to meet special characters that aren't usually roaming around during other parts of the year - especially some cool villains.  Do your research ahead of time to map out where those characters will be meeting guests.  My husband and I were too busy trick-or-treating to see any characters, but we definitely walked by a few villains! So fun!

TIP: I think Disney usually releases a map of where the characters will be located, so be on the look out for that if you are wanting to meet certain special characters!

4) Rides: We were too busy trick-or-treating to stand in line for any rides.  (In fact, we didn't even notice the rides around us, really!)...  But if this is the only time you'll be at Magic Kingdom during your trip, MNSSHP is a great time to check out the rides!

TIP: If you are a "ride" person, be sure to run over to your favorite attraction while everyone else is out trick-or-treating or watching the shows! 5) Shows/Fireworks:  As soon as my husband and I arrived at the park, we stood by the castle to get a good spot for the first show of the night. Even with a great "viewing spot," I couldn't see a THING because it was so, so crowded. Towards the end of the evening, the crowds thin out - making it a great time to see the shows.

I was BLOWN away by the "Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular."  I'm not sure if Disney is doing this show again next year, but I really hope so because it was phenomenal.  It's the best show I've seen at Walt Disney World - hands down. The fireworks are incredible as well, so don't miss that!

TIP: Wait until later in the evening to see the show and parade.  Frontierland is going to be the best place to go for the parade, as there are usually less people there. 


And there you have it, friends! Seriously, we were so happy with MNSSHP. I hope to attend again sometime soon.  If you have any questions about MNSSHP - feel free to message me! Otherwise, "Boo to you! and happy very, very belated Halloween!