Travel Diary: Riverdance in St. Louis, MO


I had dreamed of seeing Riverdance since I was seven years old.

As a young girl who had just started attending Irish dance classes, I would watch the 1995 VHS tape of Riverdance every day to try to memorize all the steps.  I'd rewind the tape then play it bit by bit, paying close attention to the dancers' rhythms and techniques.

I remember hoping that one day I would see the show in person.  I knew it would be a magical experience.

On Valentine's Day, my childhood dream came true: front row seats to Riverdance.

For those who have not heard of Riverdance, it is a theatrical show featuring traditional Irish music and dance. And it's amazing.

I was thrilled to share the experience with my husband Wes (who also happens to love Irish dance and music!)


The show was in St. Louis, MO at the Fox Theatre. Neither of us had ever been to St. Louis, so it was exciting to explore a new city together before seeing Riverdance.

I was shaking in my seat while waiting for the show to start. My heart was pounding. "I'm finally here!"

When the lights dimmed and the musicians began to play, tears fell down my face, and I was weeping before the dancers were even on stage...

Dublin-born Emma Warren was the lead dancer, and this girl is so talented and charismatic that I couldn't keep my eyes off her. When she first appeared in Countess Cathleen – Women of the Sidhe, she reminded me of a little princess.

If Jean Butler is the fairy queen, then Emma Warren is the perfect fairy princess.

The male lead was Bobby Hodges, who is also extraordinary talented. Warren and Hodges had great chemistry on stage. They had an incredible amount of stamina, energy, and poise.

The cast overall was phenomenal and their technique was on-point.  I was blown away by the talent, and it was very obvious to me that they all work hard as a team of Irish dancers, singers, and musicians.

When I watched the recording of Riverdance as a little girl, I had the ability to pause and rewind every dance. I could relive the magic - the tragedy - the beauty over and over again.  But this time, I had to be in the moment in order savor every single second of my dream-come-true. I couldn't take my eyes off the stage or I would miss a split second of something truly powerful. I wasn't going to take that chance.

I left Riverdance feeling so inspired that I didn't know how to what to do with myself afterwards.  I felt like taking on the world - one jig at a time.

I can't wait to see Riverdance again soon, and my husband and I are looking forward to seeing more Irish dancing in Ireland in three months!