150 Happy Things


People say: "Do what makes you happy"

*Sigh*  If only it was that simple.

I have a hard time making decisions because I always try to do "what makes me happy."

For years, I believed that whenever I had a string of bad days (or months, or years...), I needed some big change: career switch, new wardrobe, do-over of friends, move to a new city.

And after making these big changes hoping that life would be perfect, exciting, and wonderful all the time, I slowly realized that everything has its pros and cons, and no path is going to be perfect all the time.  That's still very hard for me to accept.

I shouldn't be paralzed by fear when choosing a "right" path because no matter what there will be bad days.  And good days in between.  That's just how the world works.

Focusing on the little things that make me happy and giving myself the time to enjoy them is something I want to practice.

Since I've been so busy complaining and whinning about all sorts of things, I figured it was about time to write a list of all the things that make me happy - no mattter how silly or stupid they may sound to other people.

When I first sat down to write 150 things that make me happy, I thought it was going to be difficult:

"But I don't have this career But I haven't learned these skills But I don't have that waistline But I haven't traveled to those places But I haven't been recognized for this..."

So how could I possibly have 150 things that make me happy??

However, I was shocked by how easily I came up with the little things that put a smile on my face.

But even more shocking to me was the realization that most things on my list are simple and can happen anywhere. I don't need to live in a particular city or have a specific kind of house, big career, or large amount of money.

If I ever get stressed or fall into the idea that "x, y, z" will make me happy, I can turn to this list and remember that the simple things will be enough for me. Even on the bad days.

Because as my mother says, "Wherever you go, there you are - so you might as well have a good attitude about it."

Today I challenge you to make a list of 100 things (or more!) that make you happy, smile, laugh, or put you in a good mood - even for just a few seconds.

Feel free to share a few of them in the comments below! I'd love to read what makes you happy!

Here are 150 things that make me happy/bring joy in my life (in no particlar order):

  1. Expedition Everest ride

  2. Laughing with friends

  3. Rocky Road ice cream

  4. Snuggles on the couch

  5. Spending time with my husband

  6. Painting

  7. Karaoke

  8. Country drives

  9. Horseback riding

  10. Disney World with my family

  11. Mickey-shaped pretzels

  12. Test track ride

  13. Michelle Blasquez

  14. Hiking

  15. Taking photos

  16. Scotland

  17. Pumpkin Pie

  18. Blogging

  19. Scarves

  20. Thanksgiving feast

  21. Matching pajamas

  22. Being authentic

  23. Cats (specifically my cat)

  24. Learning new things

  25. Dancing in the kitchen with my twin sister

  26. Strawberry/Banana smoothies

  27. Zumba with Lauren

  28. Makeup

  29. Taking risks

  30. Plane ride over Ireland

  31. Journaling

  32. Listening to a new song

  33. Mellow Mushroom

  34. Watching One Tree Hill with Sarah

  35. Bar hopping with high school friends

  36. Birthdays

  37. Confetti cannons

  38. Dressing up

  39. Mickey & Minnie Mouse

  40. Purple signs

  41. Copic markers on sale

  42. Being part of a community

  43. Napping

  44. Cloud-watching

  45. Burritos

  46. Trying something new

  47. Mario Kart

  48. Working hard

  49. Being a Wedding Assistant

  50. Encouraging others

  51. Disney Springs

  52. Traveling

  53. Praying

  54. Tina Belcher

  55. Lemonade on a hot day

  56. Harry Potter marathons

  57. Decorating the Christmas tree

  58. Kittrell Road

  59. Being a Disney cast member

  60. Big Thunder Mountain ride

  61. Instagram filters

  62. Rainbows

  63. The Container store

  64. Making lists

  65. Camping

  66. Gel pens

  67. Shopping spree for new clothes

  68. California

  69. The Bachelor

  70. Diamond Rings

  71. Space Mountain

  72. Irish dance

  73. Disney movies

  74. Downtown Franklin

  75. Winter Boots

  76. Bad Lip Reading with Avery Shug

  77. Tinker Bell & friends

  78. Graphic Design

  79. Spotify

  80. Fantasmic

  81. Coffee hangs at Just Love Coffee

  82. Mashed potatoes

  83. Sushi

  84. Double dates

  85. Ben Rector

  86. Disney Dining

  87. Sunshine

  88. Singing

  89. Manicures

  90. The beach

  91. Making a difference

  92. The Office

  93. Going to the movies

  94. Riverdance

  95. Brentwood

  96. Connecting with coworkers

  97. Art suplies

  98. Bowling

  99. Christmas lights

  100. Making new friends

  101. Sir Ken Robinson

  102. Haircuts

  103. Musical Theatre

  104. Reminiscing

  105. Planning parties

  106. Eating out

  107. Andy Grammar

  108. Sunsets

  109. Reading

  110. Concerts

  111. Tetris

  112. Pumpkin patch

  113. Hot chocolate

  114. Visiting Relatives

  115. Playing with puppies

  116. Spa days

  117. My brother's laugh

  118. Costumes

  119. Watching old home videos

  120. Beating Wes at Mini Golf

  121. The smell of sunscreen

  122. Mix CD's

  123. Being married

  124. Scrapbooking

  125. Warm hugs

  126. Rock Climbing

  127. Achieving goals

  128. Coloring books

  129. Playing guitar

  130. Disney Weddings

  131. Christmas carols

  132. Picnics

  133. New Girl

  134. The Lake District

  135. Laying by a pool

  136. Roller coasters

  137. Going to church

  138. Fall

  139. Good customer service

  140. Being thankful

  141. Boats

  142. Frozen Thin Mints

  143. Worship music

  144. Sodoku

  145. My hair

  146. Elfa crafting station

  147. Story-telling

  148. Barnes and Noble

  149. Chinese food

  150. Counting my blessings