New Years Resolutions? Use this *FREE* Template

Ah. It’s that time of year again. The awkward week between Christmas and New Years Day where existence is confusing, putting on pants feels more chore-like than usual, and cookies just appear out of nowhere.

It is also a prime week to write down New Years resolutions. “A fresh start” after a week (or year) of feeling kinda “bleh.”

Every year during this time, I shake off the sloth-mode, reflect on the hectic year that flew by (or dragged on…), and ignore ridiculous claims that setting goals for the new year is harmful ‘cus IMO - ain’t nothing wrong with writing down healthy hopes and dreams and goals… chill, haterz.

In previous years, I’ve just scribbled a few resolutions on a loose piece of paper or in a journal.

But this year, I was particularly motivated to write my 2018 reflection / 2019 resolutions as in-depth as possible. (We’re talking, 10 typed pages in-depth). 2018 was a tough year
(perhaps the toughest year I’ve ever had), and I wanted to make sure I did everything in my power to prevent history from repeating itself.

While I did enjoy many positive experiences throughout the past year, due to a series of extremely unfortunate / traumatic events, I spent most months in a daze and wishing I had created a more detailed blueprint for myself than just confident, “I’ll be fine…” scribbles back in January. No, writing solid New Years resolutions wouldn’t have prevented (or shielded me) from the rough events that took place, but I do believe rereading my goals while in the dark may have been the candle I needed. Depression caused me to forget the direction I was following, and as someone who is extremely optimistic and futuristic by nature, feeling that lost was overwhelming. Several times I looked to my old journals for guidance and to rebuild a sense of identity. And I know I’m the type of person who would have looked to detailed New Years resolutions as well to answer the, “Who am I, and what do I need and want?” questions when life sent a very harsh wave.

In December, after weeks of feeling stuck, I had a burning desire to be the hero of my year, even if there was only one month left of it. With therapy, journaling, and time with both right and wrong groups of people, I found the strength to finally look 2018 in the eye - as painful and awkward as it was to do so - and fought to make necessary changes and moved the dialogue from victim to hero. Starting with a 2019 document… an honest review of this past year + plans and goals for the new year.

It felt as though my penchant for writing optimistic things had coffee with my anxiety/depression, and together they typed out a 10 page document outlining all my hopes and dreams for 2019. For possibly the first time in my life, I wrote something with a perfect balance of idealism and realism, laughter and heartache, victories and failures, princess and villain. I turned cringe-worthy moments into lessons and wrote down thought-proving questions to answer honestly.

As cliche as it sounds, in typing the document, I found creativity in tragedy and beauty in adversity. It was very therapeutic.

Upon sharing my document on Instagram and in-person with a few friends, I was thrilled to find that it inspired others to write their own resolutions, so I created a *FREE* 2019 template based on my document (link button below)

Now I encourage YOU to take the time for yourself to reflect and fill it out (as little or as much as you desire).

A note before you begin reflecting/resolution-making:

When writing down your resolutions, remember good things take time. Your list of goals cannot be achieved all at once. This is a New Years resolution plan to set you up for the YEAR - and breaking some habits or chains take several months or years.

Just because steps/specific actions are listed doesn’t mean it’s okay to confuse them with a checklist that needs to be completed right away. You will only stress yourself out. This is to be used as a guide to make positive changes and serve as a reminder of the direction you want to take in this season of life. Enjoy the journey, peeps.


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  3. Have a WONDERFUL new year <3


love, Catie Bee