Disney Honeymoon: 6 Things You Need to Know

1. "Just Married" buttons: 
The WDW "Just Married" buttons are essential Disney bride/Disney-moon accessories.  Park guests and cast members will be sure to congratulate you, and you may receive a few fun surprises! The buttons are tough to come by these days, but if you call a few of the Disney resorts, they may have extra buttons floating around.  A cast member friend sent us the "Just Married" buttons as a gift.  They can be expensive on Ebay, so try finding two free ones first.

PS: "Happily Ever After" buttons will work just as well!

Disney Wedding

2. Bride and groom ears/T-shirts: 
Of course we bought the Disney bride/groom ears! They were fun to wear around the resort and parks. We also bought Disney "Mr. and Mrs." shirts on Etsy. There are all sorts of designs to choose from, and we were really happy with the ones that we picked!

3. Dining Reservations:
Save yourself the trouble and make dining reservations. It was nice to have certain meals planned in advanced. If you have specific restaurants on your wish-list, make those reservations sooner than later! Be sure to add to your reservation what you'll be celebrating - your honeymoon! You may get complimentary drinks and desserts!

4. Disney's Honeymoon Registry:
While my husband and I created a traditional registry for our new home instead, Disney's Honeymoon Registry is a neat service for couples honeymooning at any Disney destination.  You can find sample honeymoon registries which include a wide range of activities.  It's a swell idea for the couple that has been living together for awhile and/or has all the traditional home stuff!

5. Photo Shoot at Magic Kingdom:
Instead of engagement photos, my husband and I decided to do a Disney honeymoon photoshoot! This has become a fun trend, and I've seen a lot of cute park shoot ideas on Pinterest.  It was something different to do early in the morning at Magic Kingdom.

TIP: As long as you stay at of the way and don't make a huge scene about it, cast members do not mind.  I think there are a few guidelines and rules, so if you want to do a park shoot, be sure to do a little research.

6. Disney's Honeymoon Website:
Be sure to read all the Disney honeymoon ideas and tips on the Disney's Honeymoon website. There is an overwhelming amount of information, but don't stress about it.  Sometimes less is more, and you don't need to feel pressured to cram all the Disney activities into your honeymoon. Write a list of your "must-do's," and enjoy your time together!!

I wish we could relive our Disney-moon all over again! If you have any questions about our Disney-moon or Disney travel in general, feel free to contact me.

Happy planning! :)