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New Years Resolutions? Use this *FREE* Template

Ah. It’s that time of year again. The awkward week between Christmas and New Years Day where existence is confusing, putting on pants feels more chore-like than usual, and cookies just appear out of nowhere.

It is also a prime week to write down New Years resolutions. “A fresh start” after a week (or year) of feeling pretty, well…

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Travel Diary: Pacific Coast Highway - California

I'm going to start off by saying that this was one of the best trips my husband and I have ever taken together. 

And while it consisted of a lot of research and planning, it was well worth it! We had such a great experience and been looking forward to this trip for awhile. 

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Bzz... New look!

I'm so excited to share with you what I've been working on for the past few weeks: the new look for my blog - Catie Bee!

Catie Bee
is a lifestyle + art blog I started in the fall of 2015 to share a few daydreams in class and paintings I created in my little dorm room when life got stressful.  Within the first year, Catie Bee had readers from more than 60 countries.

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"Look Mom, I'm on 'Walt Disney World Jobs'!"

First of all, Happy (belated) New Year! The first fews weeks of 2017 has been pretty exciting for me.

Last week, one of my Instagram posts ended up on Walt Disney World Jobs AND Walt Disney World - LinkedIn.

(Truly a dream come true).

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Dirt Figure Skating: A Memory

In third grade I spent most of my recess time alone, dizzy and sweaty from spinning on the tire swing that hung from a giant tree on the playground. “Dirt Figure Skating” is what I called it, as I pretended to be a champion figure skater like Michelle Kwan or Sasha Cohen with my own peculiar versions of axel-jumps and carry lifts above the dirt. 

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A Year in Review: Catie Bee Blog

A year ago, I started blogging.And I had no idea how much joy it would bring me. 

For the past year, I've used blogging as an exciting way to connect with others around the world and provide insight on a variety of topics.

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Travel Diary: Riverdance in St. Louis, MO

I had dreamed of seeing Riverdance since I was seven years old.

As a young girl who had just started attending Irish dance classes, I would watch the 1995 VHS tape of Riverdance every day to try to memorize all the steps.  I'd rewind the tape then play it bit by bit, paying close attention to the dancers' rhythms and techniques.

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