Owning Land in Scotland: The Adventure of a Lifetime


My husband Wes and I are looking forward to our trip to the British Isles in May! AHH. So soon now. Our upcoming trip is inspired by my wedding gift to Wes - a plot of land in Scotland.

Yes... I purchased a 100 sqft plot of land in Scotland in my husband's name so he could be, "Lord Weston of Glencoe."

I thought it would be a unique and perfect wedding gift for him - especially since we recently discovered of his Scottish family history...

On our wedding day, I gave Wes an envelope with the certificate of sale inside. I included a note, "Our next great adventure??" (Side note: he LOVED it). At that moment, we decided that our next trip would be to Scotland to visit our plot of land - and visit Ireland and England as well.


I purchased the plot of land through Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Glencoe Wood, Duror. The land is managed as a nature reserve. People all over the world purchase plots from Highland Titles, and the profits help improve and conserve the beautiful Scottish Highlands! HOW COOL IS THAT.

Thousands of landowners visit their plots every year.  In two months, Wes and I will be two of those visitors, and we cannot be more excited. VIP-Logo-335x272.jpg Wes and I have arrange a meet-and-greet service to take us to our plot of land and are interested in planting a tree there.

As VIP club members, we will receive and enjoy discounts and special offers on a range of activities in the area - hotels, restaurants, etc.

More information about our other British Isles adventures - coming soon.

(If you are interested in purchasing a plot of land, check out the different plot options.)