"If I could do it all over again..." 5 Things I Wouldn't Change About My Wedding


After the wedding is over, a lot of women like to think about what they would have done differently on their big day: "I wish I had a different dress..."

"I wish I had a videographer..."

"I wish I didn't drink so much..."

While there are definitely a few things I would change about my wedding, there a lot more things I wouldn't change (like for instance, the man I married...) <3

Here are 5 things I wouldn't change about my wedding: Catie and Wes - 0676 Our Venue - I think my husband and I looked at every single wedding venue in Nashville. We wanted our ceremony to have a traditional wedding vibe in a church, but we also dreamed of a rustic/whimsical reception afterwards.  Nothing seemed to fit.

This went on for several weeks before we finally decided on a destination wedding.  I put together an elaborate PowerPoint presentation of the pros and cons of our final two venues - the Biltmore Estate and Disney’s Wedding Pavilion.  Disney won.

Although there were both major pros and cons of a Disney wedding, if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change our venue.  We were thrilled with the end result, and I think our guests were too!

Catie and Wes - 0276 Bridesmaids dresses - At first I wanted long, dusty gray/blue bridesmaid dresses, but my twin sister talked me out of it (she doesn’t look good in gray).  While at first I was mad she was going against my precious Pinterest page, in the end, I wanted my bridesmaids to look and feel and beautiful. After a few trips to different bridal stores, we found a gorgeous Wtoo aubergine dress with lace sleeves.  It fit them all beautifully, and it was a perfect color for them too. While I love long bridesmaids dresses for formal weddings, they are typically more expensive.

Catie and Wes - 0282Bouquets - I wanted beautiful, "woodland wedding" flowers, and I was tired of seeing the same cookie-cutter, ball-of-flowers I've seen a thousand times. The personal florals were more beautiful than I could have imagined! Dawn Steel from Gaslamp Floral made my dream bouquet come to life. I still swoon when I look at the pictures of our flowers... they were perfect!

Photography/Videography - As a someone who has kept a diary since the second grade, memories are extremely important to me.  Looking back at celebrations, accomplishments, and life lessons bring me great joy.  I knew the day would go by quickly, and I wanted to be sure that I had the photos and videos to remember the crazy day.  Regina Hyman and Kyle from You and I Pictures did an amazing job capturing our wedding day.  In the end, these photos and the stories they hold are what my husband and I will enjoy in the future when our memory fades.

Watch our wedding video here.

Catie and Wes - 0001 Smaller bridal party - I know girls who had 12 bridesmaids.  First of all, I wish I had that many friends.  Second of all, I’m very happy that I picked a smaller group of girls. In an ideal world - yes, a bigger bridal party would be awesome.  However, it was stressful enough to communicate with four other girls - all of whom had very busy schedules.  To me, having a smaller bridal party was less the stress  (and believe me, wedding planning is stressful enough as it is....)

Catie and Wes - 0006 While there will a

all photos by regina hyman photography