Disney Cruise Line: Sense Spa Review/Tips

I'm always up for some serious pampering, especially when it includes a view of the ocean. 

So even before boarding the ship, I was prepared and excited to check out Disney Magic's spa - specially the massages.

On the first day of the cruise, Senses Spa & Salon raffled like, $200 worth of spa services (don't quote me on that, I can't remember the actual amount). My husband and I rushed to participate, but we were a few minutes too late. (Free tip #1: Don't be late to the spa raffle).

A staff member gave us a great tour of the entire spa. At the end of the tour, she escorted us into a room that included a fancy villa with a whirlpool, a bed, and a verandah overlooking the ocean. It reminded me of those spa rooms you see in resort commercials where this beautiful biracial couple laugh and drink something fruity and caress each other while overlooking the ocean. The place was breathtaking.

She explained the fancy villa is where the Couple's Choice takes place - an experience that includes whirlpool time, couples massage, tea, and fruit.

"Wow, that sounds really nice," my husband said, mesmerized by idea of being pampered.

While delighted that my husband seemed enthusiastic about the Couples's Choice, it was more than I wanted to spend at the spa. Still interested in other treatments, I asked about massages, and she gave us both a mini sample of various types of massages.  That's when I fell in love with the hot stone massage - and booked it immediately.

The next morning, I returned to the spa for my hot stone massage - which was excellent. Perfect temperature, pressure, etc. Highly recommend it. Afterwards, the friendly massage therapist gave feedback to help treat my shoulder and back pains. I left practically bouncing with joy around the ship - feeling happier and more relaxed than I had in a long time.

After hearing about my massage and seeing how thrilled I was with the experience overall, my husband reflected on the tour and remained very impressed with the couple's villa and the professional/friendly spa staff.

To my surprise, he suggested we splurge and try Couple's Choice. Excited, we ran back to the spa and booked the villa to enjoy during one of the mornings at sea.

Couple's Choice is a 130-minute experience, which includes: Spa treatment rooms (the massage area and the verandah) Couples massage (75 minutes) Private verandah Personal whirlpool Open air shower Roman bed with canopy Tea Ceremony Foot Cleansing Ceremony Fruit plate (including chocolate-covered strawberries)


The morning of our treatment, a staff member escorted us to the changing rooms where we were provided with robes and sandals. Massage therapists led us to the Couple's villa and did an individual consultation as well as recommended/personalized different treatments - Swedish, bamboo, hot stone massage, or you can simply pick from a list of whatever sounds nice to you. Since I had such an amazing experience with my previous massage, I picked the hot stone massage - as did my husband.

Our treatment began with a foot scrub and 40 minutes in the whirlpool.  During this time, the massage therapist prepares for the massages while we relaxed. After our heavenly hot stone massages, we returned to the verandah where we ate chocolate-covered fruit, drank tea, and shared how wonderful our massage was with each other.

We absolutely loved our experience at the spa - especially Couple's Choice.

Here are the 10 SENSES SPA TIPS: 1. Book in advanced If you can, book your spa treatments before boarding the ship. This definitely applies to those who have previous experience at the Senses Spa. If you are still uncertain about different treatments (like we were), then don't miss the Senses Spa Open House the first day of your cruise so you can book your appointments ASAP. 2. Take the tour Unless you are certain you are NOT going to have spa treatments in the budget or itinerary, take the tour of the entire facility.  You will be impressed with the services they offer, and the staff was very friendly and professional. 3. Port days are less crowded If you are thinking about a time to book a massage or any spa treatment, consider a port day.  Luckily we were able to book in the morning of a sea day. 4. Arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment You will be asked to fill out forms about what medications you are on and provide information about your blood pressure, stress level, water intake, etc. They also give you the option to fill this out a few days before your appointment. 5. Consider bringing your own sandals I heard a lot of women in the locker rooms complaining that they ran out of size 7/8 sandals. If you have a popular shoe size, you may want to bring your own sandals. 6. Wear (or don't wear) Depending on Comfort Level I also heard a lot of women ask their therapists what they should/shouldn't wear during their massage. In the locker room, you will be handed a robe. You can go into your massages and body treatments naked, but if you're shy about it, you can absolutely 100% keep your underwear on. Totally up to you. 7. Speak up If you are feeling uncomfortable (pressure too tough, stones too hot, etc.), then let your therapist know.  You are there to RELAX. Some therapists are more chatty than others, but set the tone by just being silent and still.  If you don't feel like talking much, they will follow your lead. 8. Expect the sales pitch I'm not sure if DCL therapists are commissioned to sell products, but they definitely do a sales pitch like in most (perhaps all) cruise spas. After your treatment, your therapist will likely recommend some hella expensive lotion or soap or whatever. Buy if you'd like, but feel free to kindly reject. 9. Be aware of gratuity Be sure to include this into your spa budget. 20% gratuity will be added to the bill. 10. Try something new It can be totally nerve-racking to try a new spa treatment. The staff was willing to give mini examples of each massage, so if you are feeling uncertain, ask lots of questions.  I am glad I tried a new experience.  We can't wait to go again!

*If you are interested in Couple's Choice or any spa treatments, be sure to write a comment below! Also - the experience goes by quickly, so enjoy every minute of it. <3


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Let me know if you have any questions :) Thanks for reading!

Source: Disney Cruise Line/Senses Spa