do you accept custom orders?

Absolutely!! Have a painting in mind? Got inspiration ideas? Let’s hear ’em! Check out my portfolio page, and send me a message to submit a Custom Order Form!

If I order a Custom piece, WHen can I expect it?

Time frame varies on order (size, weight, material, etc.) Average turn around time is 1-3 weeks (including shipping time). When you order a custom piece, I will let you know the date the artwork will be completed.

I do accept rush orders (1-7 days) for an additional fee. Prices vary on size and rush date.

If I Order a Custom Piece, What method of Payment do you perer?

For custom orders, I accept payment through:

Catie Bee Art (store) 


Do you ship artwork Internationally?

I do! Shipping can be anywhere between $25-$45 based on weight and destination.  If you live outside of the U.S. and are interested in purchasing a painting (on my shop or custom order), send me a message. 

When will my Artwork be shipped?

Artwork will be shipped 1-3 days business days after payment has been submitted.

What is your policy for Returns & exchanges?

Fortunately this has never been an issue for Catie Bee Art, but if you are not satisfied with the quality of the piece (misspelling, damaged during shipping, etc.), please give me an opportunity to send a replacement.

If you are completely unsatisfied, I'll offer a full refund once the product is returned back to me.

Keep in mind that all items are handmade and copies of original pieces may be slightly different as a result of this. 

Catie Bee Art is not responsible for misspelled names, dates, and quotes copied from the Custom Order Form you submitted. Please check the box in the Custom Order Form agreeing that you have verified the information for your piece. Refunds/replacements will only be given if copied incorrectly from your Custom Order Form. 



If I have in-depth questions about DIsney entertainment/Weddings, can I Email you a list?

I could talk about all things Disney for hours on end. That's my dream life.  Due to the number of inquiries, it makes it close to impossible to answer a bunch of questions over email.

I do offer phone/video calls/in-person chats!  

If you are interested in more information/resources regarding, check out my Catie DisBee page (Coming Soon). 

Do you allow guest SubMissions on your blog?

Yes!! If you are interested in being featured on Catie Bee, please send your post, photos, art, etc. to

This includes Disney art, weddings, love & relationships, travel tips, etc.! So send them my way! 

What does "subscribing" mean?


Think of it as you would subscribing to your favorite magazine or newspaper. It comes to your mailbox when there's new stuff to be shared with you (and other awesome peeps who have great taste...)

When you subscribe to my blog by entering your e-mail address, you will be notified of new posts and updates - including upcoming events (yes, I'm planning events!) and new artwork (hello, holiday sales!). 

There are several advantages to subscribing:  

It saves time: You won't have to check each day for new content. 
Keeps you entertained: Free downloads, product giveaways, tips, and other things you love.  
Be the first to know: Be the first to know of contests and giveaways - which will increase your chances of wining! For example: there is a secret code at the bottom of every post during a contest/giveaway period. When you email me the code, it gives you an extra entry in the contest. 

I'm interested in starting my own blog/website - Any advice?

Write from the heart. <3 Not everyone is going to be interested in what you write about.  But a lot of people will.  Not everyone will agree with what you post.  But a lot of people will.  Turn off the voices/criticisms of other people and focus on what YOU want to say. 

Write as you would talk, laugh, and sing with a group of friendly souls - all interested in the same stuff you are crazy passionate about. Build a community of friends rather than "subscribers" or "visitors".  Don’t get caught up in the numbers game and allow yourself the time to make your site everything you want it to be.  Be creative, consistent, organized, and authentic.  

Most importantly: Keep going. :)