6 Ways to Prepare for your Disney Audition


Disney auditions are fun, relaxed, and FILLED with young men and women who share your love of Disney! The best way to make a good impression and to stand out is to prepare for your upcoming audition!

Here are a six ways to prepare for your Disney audition (Watch the video for an EXTRA tip to prepare!):

1. Research: Know what you are auditioning for: Are you attending a Parade Performer audition? A Character-Look-Alike audition? On-stage show/musical audition?

No matter what you are auditioning for, read the audition description carefully.  Some auditions call for a certain vocal range, height range, etc. Be sure to respect the guidelines.

You may also try researching past audition experiences.  Every Disney audition is different, so the more you learn about the different activities that could be involved, the more confident you will be! Read my audition experience here.

2. Attend a class or lesson: Attending a class or lesson that matches your upcoming audition (singing, dancing, playing an instrument, etc.) may help you prepare your mind and body for the audition.

For example, if you are attending an audition for a stage show or musical, you may want to consider going to a voice lesson or having an accompanist go over the music with you.  If it’s a parade performer audition, find a cardio/dance class. Even if it’s just a video online to practice following basic routines.

Disney isn't always looking for prima ballerinas or singers with the strongest belts, but it helps to practice, practice, practice - and to do it well.

3. Watch Youtube videos: I watched Youtube videos of parades to practice basic Disney dance moves/movements.  I paid attention to their facial expressions, dance moves, and energy.  Watching Disney performers may give you a general idea of what kind of animation Disney is looking for!

If it's a voice audition, be careful watching shows online.  Some videos may be outdated, and the last thing you want to do is sing your potential callback materials wrong. Mostly, just be 100% familiar with any show, parades, or role that you are auditioning for.

4. Wear clothes/shoes that fit well and are comfortable:   They want to see your body-type and how you can move.  Stay away from baggy clothes. Pick colors and styles that compliment your skin, facial structure, and body-type.

If you will be dancing at your audition, bring dance shoes (if you have them). Don’t go out and buy fancy new dance shoes for a Disney audition.  Some people wear jazz or ballet shoes, but A LOT of people wear tennis shoes or even go barefoot.

I brought dance shoes (jazz and ballet shoes) but decided to dance barefoot to feel the most "child-like" and comfortable. It's always better to be prepared though!

5. Make-up/Hair: Apply enough make up to look alive and accentuate your facial features, but not too much to the point where you just look foolish.  If you are attending a parade performer/dance audition, waterproof makeup is a good idea. Our audition location was very warm and everyone was sweating their makeup off!

You will also want your hair away from your face in a ponytail (especially at a dance audition) because casting can have a better look at your profile for look-alike roles.

6. Headshot/Resume If you DO have a headshot and resume, bring them just in case. If you DON'T - no worries. PLEASE don't spend a fortune on a fancy headshot, since they will take your photo at the audition! Have a family member or friend take them for you and make the shots as nice and professional as possible. (Again, this is just to be prepared).

However, if you have any dance/performing experience, it wouldn't hurt to make a quick theatre resume. It won't make or break the audition if you don't bring either one.  They know what kind of face, body, character they are looking for!

Preparing for my audition helped me feel confident - even when I was standing in a room filled with young women who believe were far more beautiful and talented than me.  I don't think I would have made it through all the rounds of the audition without preparing.

Believe in yourself, and don't let fear stand in the way of your audition!

For more questions about Disney auditions (or Disney in general) feel free to write to me at catiebee.blog@gmail.com.