5 Tips that Could Save Your Wedding Day

Catie and Wes - 0578.jpg
Catie and Wes - 0578.jpg

No wedding is perfect.

We brides LOVE to visualize everything working out the way it SHOULD. I mean, we've written all the schedules, planned all the details... how could something POSSIBLY go wrong?

But a million things do go wrong: people waking up late, your dress bustle ripping, OR no matter how hard you try, someone asking, "Where am I supposed to be?" after you've given them the schedule... three times.

It's frustrating for any bride to deal with complications - be it uncontrollable forces (such as the weather ) or controllable (who you picked as your bridal party).  Either way, the goal for your wedding day is perfection, but for many brides, the outcome is "a functional, beautiful wedding day - with few imperfections here and there."

THAT BEING SAID. Here are my 5 tips that could save your wedding day...

1. Take a walk in your guests' shoes
Think of each one of our guests and consider what he/she would experience the day of our wedding.  For instance: how long would they have to wait for pictures, rose petal toss, etc.? What kind of method of transportation would they be taking? How much is it going to cost them? What kind of food are we serving them? 

While it is YOUR day, a lot of people are spending time and money to travel so they can be part of it. People joke that weddings are for everyone else besides the bride - and in many ways, that's true whether we like it or not!  Of course, it's important to stick to your theme, colors, florals, etc.  But you also want to make sure your guests are cared for.  Make an effort to say hello to your guests, and be sure to thank them for coming.  Thinking of the guests will ensure that everyone (including you) has a good time. Happy guests = happy bride. Happy bride = happy guests.

2. Don't sweat the small stuff.. (ONLY on your wedding day).
Before the wedding, please sweat the small stuff.  Sweat over every single minor detail. Worry about minutia.  Make sure everything is planned. The more you prepare, the less stressful your big day will be. (And your wedding planners will thank you).

HOWEVER when your wedding day arrives... JUST put on your dress and breathe.  

More than anything, I wish I had done a better job keeping it all in perspective.  I was more emotional than I should have been the morning of my wedding, all because I was more focused on what was going wrong instead of being at peace.  I could sit here and blame a million things/people for not making the morning of as perfect or as smooth as it should have been, but really, what's the point? I should have just had a mimosa and chilled out. YOU GET ONE WEDDING DAY. ONE! So don't mess it up by being overly dramatic, worried, or negative. ENJOY it.

3. Assign Someone to Be Your Emergency Contact is KEY
Assign someone to be the communication person to  with the wedding planner, late family members, confused groomsmen.  There will be someone who did NOT read the schedule. No matter how many times you tell your bridesmaids or even your groom to read the darn thing- they just won't.  You can't force anyone to help, be prepared, or do their job.  But having a person you can trust who can help in case of communication emergencies (who ISN'T the mother-of-the-bride or the maid-of-honor) can be extremely helpful.  Have your super together aunt or close family friend be in charge of those people who just won't listen. Or read.

4. Consider "No Phones Allowed" During Your Ceremony
BEST decision I've ever made as far as wedding planning goes.  In the welcome bags for our guests, I included a note asking everyone to refrain from using their phones during the ceremony.  Texting, games, photos, etc. Our ceremony took place at Disney's Wedding Pavilion, which is a very beautiful place.  I didn't want my wedding photos to be filled with relatives and friends standing up in the middle of the ceremony to get that perfect kiss picture or for people to be looking down at their screens.  I've seen other wedding photos and blog posts where the guests had their phones out during the ceremony, and it's very distracting to what is taking place.  Leave the hashtags and photos for the reception, and let the professional photographers handle the ceremony pictures.  You'll be happy you did.

5. Take a second for Yourself
I wish that I had taken a second to just... fix my hair, redo my makeup, look in the mirror. Anything! Take that time if you can between your ceremony and reception after photos to retouch on your make up or hair.  Even just to get a glass of water makes all the difference in the world.  I know I would have felt so much more relieved, especially as an introvert, to get myself together before a crazy reception. Don't feel guilty about it either.  You do you on your big day!

If someone isn't where they are supposed to be, if it rains, if the limo doesn't get there in time... as long as everyone is safe and you get to marry your true love, that's really all that truly matters. I promise.

Catie and Wes - 0557.JPG
Catie and Wes - 0557.JPG

All photos by Regina Hyman Photography