Being a twin = double the fun on birthdays!  My twin sister came into town to celebrate our 23rd birthday together - which was super awesome!

In college, we always had to postpone our birthday until spring break when she was home, but this year we were able to celebrate on the actual date. Exciting stuff!

We started off our birthday trying to get as much free stuff as possible and wrote about our experience/ added the list of birthday freebies. We had a blast running to a few of our favorite stores and restaurants to receive our free treats.

Check out where to get free stuff on your birthday.

In the midst of all the twin activities, my husband catiebee-birthdaybox.JPGwanted to make this birthday special for me. It's the first birthday we celebrated as husband & wife, so that was pretty cool!

Since we started dating, my husband writes love letters throughout the year and places them in a special box for me to open on my birthday ("The Birthday Box").  For the past three years, we've celebrated my birthday with sweet words and a lot of happy tears. This year, he included our hand-written vows in the box, which was very meaningful.

My husband and I spent a lot of time with my parents and twin sister - singing karaoke and enjoying a delicious sushi dinner together.  The night of our birthday, my sister and I hosted a 90's themed karaoke party for some of our old pals. We later went to downtown Nashville to dance & have a good time!

Thank you to family & friends who wished us a happy birthday. 'Twas a great 23rd birthday weekend, indeed.