1 Year Anniversary: Disney World

My husband and I were married at Walt Disney World last April. Ah yes, it was magical. To celebrate our one year anniversary, we took a spontaneous trip to Disney World. We lucked out with perfect weather and somehow managed to run around 4 Disney parks, including Typhoon Lagoon (just can't get enough of that lazy river...)

The highlights of our trip were of course the food (I'm looking at you, Mickey ice cream bars) and mini golf  - as per usual. Quick side note: I won.

As I reflect on our like, tenth trip to Disney World in the past year (many thanks those handy annual passes we received from Disney Weddings...), I can't help but go over the plethora of heartfelt memories I have of this particular place: vacationing with my family as a child, performing at the parks, meeting some of my closest friends, marrying my true love, honeymooning, celebrating our anniversary...

How can ONE place hold so much significance?  Especially um, a theme park.

Funny how we find love, comfort, and joy in such peculiar places. Yes, I enjoy Disney World (always will), but what I enjoy more are the moments and laughter I share with those I love when we're all there - together.

And so... we consider ourselves lucky to have had all our family and closest friends celebrate our wedding last year at the place I call "home." It made our anniversary trip all the more special.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our 1 "ear" anniversary trip.