Our Adventure: Ireland, Scotland, England

CatieBee-102After two weeks of exploring Ireland, Scotland, and England... we are finally HOME!  

My husband Wes and I dreamed of taking this adventure together since our wedding day.

A few weeks before our wedding, we learned of Wes' Scottish ancestry, and he became fascinated with all things Scottish.

So my wedding gift to him? A plot of land in Scotland.

On our wedding day, I handed Wes an envelope with the certificate of sale for the plot of land and a note that read, “Our next great adventure??” 

From that moment, we made it our goal to visit our plot of land within the next year ...

Wes agreed to the idea of planning this entire trip himself, as I was tired of making decisions and creating schedules after our wedding.  He taped a map of the United Kingdom on a wall in our home office and made a list of all the incredible places we were to visit. (I didn't even see the full itinerary until we arrived at the airport on our first day).

Within the first few hours of our vacation, it was obvious to me that the amount of research for this trip was extraordinary.  I am thankful for my husband's hard work and love of travel.

We loved every minute of our first big overseas adventure together, and I dream of the day we return to the British Isles (keeping my fingers crossed).


I will be writing more in depth of the great adventures, beautiful hotels, breath-taking views - but for now, here are some photos of Ireland, Scotland, and England:


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DSCN2106 DSCN2170


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